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Join us as we return from our Summer break with details of our busy Summer season, and stick around for Back to School tips for our kids that you just can't miss!


A smile says it all. If your teeth could talk, what would they say? Find out today on Talkin' Teeth, with Dr. Kyle Bogan.

Welcome to Talkin' Teeth, my name is Dr. Kyle Bogan. Today we're going to be talking about things that relate to teeth, and community, and oral health in general. We have actually been gone for a few months so I'm sorry if you've been missing us over the summer. We had a very busy summer so we decided to take a break. Now that school's back in session, Fall's upon us, we're excited to be back and talkin' teeth and all things community related.

I want to start off today, for the majority of the show today, and just talk about the summer, the summer for North Orange Family Dentistry which is my office, and the summer for the community around here in Delaware, and just everything that's been going on that encompassed the whole summer we decided to take off.

First and foremost, I know we talked about it a lot in the last couple episodes, the grand opening of the brand new community dental facility for North Orange Family Dentistry happened. We had a big grand opening in June that was a big family event. Orange Township trustee, Ryan Rivers, was out to welcome us to the community to help celebrate their grand opening and ribbon cutting.

We had bouncy houses and carnival games for the kids. We gave away an Apple watch and a Nintendo Switch as a part of our big grand opening giveaway. We also gave tours of the new facility, of the new facility which includes a classroom, state of the art dental treatment facility, the dental laboratory and, basically, everything we need to provide the highest quality dental care to the community, help educate the community, and provide the greatest technological experience in dentistry that we can.

We are super excited about that. That happened. The office has been up and running for several months now. We've settled into the new space and everything's just been great there. Along with that, we have been asked and welcomed onto NBC Four's Daytime Columbus Show during the day. We did that back in July where we talked about the vision for the new office, very distinctive vision of what we want to bring to the community that we're doing through North Orange Family Dentistry. We're able to talk about that on the show.

Links to those videos can be found on our Facebook page, North Orange Family Dentistry, also on the newnorthorangefamilydentistry.com that should be launching here in a couple of weeks. In August, we were welcomed back to Daytime Columbus where we discussed our passion and our drive to give back to the community and leave the community better than we left it. That's a big part of my vision for what we do as a part of North Orange Family Dentistry, honestly, and a part of this podcast, is just finding ways to highlight and give back and make our community better than we found it.

Again, that video can be found in both of those places, both our Facebook page and the newnorthorangefamilydentistry.com that will be launching here in a few weeks. We're super excited in September, which is this month. We're going to be invited back and we're going to highlight the technology, a part of North Orange Family Dentistry, and really the difference that it makes. There's a huge difference that it makes where we're going to be able to make a certain treatment much more affordable and bring access to this treatment to many more people by bringing the cost down.

Really tune into Daytime Columbus. If you listen to this prior to September 12th I believe is the date, please, please, please tune in to Daytime Columbus on that date. If you're listening to this podcast after September 12th, the details can be found on our Facebook page. I don't want to say too much right now because it's a super big surprise that I really want to save for our announcement on NBC Four but we're super stoked to be able to provide, through technology, provide access to care to more people for this particular treatment.

Our Miles for Smiles event took place towards the end of July. It was our sixth annual Miles for Smiles 5k run/walk. We had both an adult version and we had a kids run as well. This year, again, the benefits for that went to the Free to Smile Foundation, which is a local foundation committed to taking around the world cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries, making a huge difference in places like Guatemala and various places throughout the country.

Through our fundraising efforts, through this event, we had over 100 participants. We were able to raise about $2,500 which amounts to just about 10 life changing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries that will be performed around the world so super duper close to my heart this foundation and the work that they do. We are so excited, both from the support from our race goers and also the support from the sponsors and the community, that we got to be able to provide this level of support for that amazing foundation.

Next year's event will be in July again. If you're local to the area and love running, love supporting causes, please check out, it's called Miles for Smiles. Again, that'll be next July in 2020. Finally ... Well, not finally but next to last, we had a few block parties. We partnered with Sunny 95 and their efforts to go around to various communities and neighborhoods, I guess neighborhoods in our area, to provide an event, to bring people out of their homes and to get neighbors out talking to each other just having a good time.

We were blessed to be able to visit a couple neighborhoods, talk about the office, talk about what we're doing, but also just have a good time. That was part of our summer, we did two of those this year. It's exciting to see all the people come out and have fun. Then one other thing that we did, we are again this year ... Last year we partnered with Berlin High School's Athletic Boosters as a sponsor. We were super excited this year to be able to partner with them again.

This year we actually committed to a $25,000 sponsorship to the Berlin High School Athletic Department. Community, and the schools, and our kids are so important to us and so we are just very honored to be able to come back as a sponsor, and a longterm sponsor, of one of our local high schools.

That was our summer, busy, busy summer. Again, sorry we've been away for a few months over the term of the summer. We've just been here, there, and everywhere. We decided to take a break from talking to you but now we're back and so what I want to do today is not take a lot of your time but I do want to talk about back to school.

I know most of the kids are back to school already but back to school was kind of a crazy time. My kids are in fourth and first grade so I get it. Being a parent, back to school, things are making sure we have school supplies and everything. Oral health care tends to be down on the totem pole a little bit, making sure we have pencils, and pens, and book bags, and lunch, and lunchboxes, and everything we need to get the school day off to a start.

A study in the Journal of the Public Health found that children with poor oral health status are more likely to experience dental pain, miss school, and perform poorly in school. We really don't think about that connection. We think about school and academics and obviously the things that we want to make sure our kids succeed, but oral health care, and brushing our teeth, and that sort of thing don't really figure into that equation unless you really think about it.

Someone that does have a poor oral health status, basically means they're having cavities or pain or discomfort and when you think about it that translates into days missed from school to deal with those issues. Anything that takes our kids out of school, out of the instructional process, can cause a lack in learning or causing a falling behind in school and that sort of thing.

Really, I want to give you three tips today to make sure that oral health care is not a barrier to success in school. The first one is create an oral hygiene routine. Creating an oral hygiene routine daily is one thing that's going to set us up for success. That includes brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, it's super duper important.

Elementary school children can especially benefit from the use of an electric toothbrush because a lot of them, most of them lack the manual dexterity to properly clean their teeth without assistance. The added benefit is most of them have a built-in timer and so that can tell them when the recommended two minutes of brushing time is complete.

Electric toothbrush versus a manual brush, not only does it help clean the teeth better because all they have to do is move it around, it does the work for them, but it also gives them a two minute timer most of the time that lets them know when they can stop brushing. Electric toothbrush twice a day, flossing once a day.

Another added benefit to help prevent decay and cavities is a fluoride rinse. I'd recommend using that after they brush right before bed, rinse and spit, and then go right to sleep. The added benefit of the fluoride sitting on their teeth over night while they sleep helps strengthen the enamel and prevent future cavities.

Tip number two is have a routine dental checkup. Twice a year dental checks are vital to maintaining a healthy smile. Not only does the professional cleaning and fluoride application help prevent tooth decay, but regular x-rays and oral examinations allow for early detection of any developing problems.

Obviously, number one top thing I would love to do is for everyone to not have a cavity, never have pain, but the reality is sometime in our lifetime we're probably going to experience dental decay, even dentists, don't tell anyone that though. The second best thing is, if we are going to have a problem, is to catch that problem before it becomes a major issue, to catch a cavity before it becomes a root canal, to catch a large cavity before it becomes a broken tooth or an extraction.

Having those twice a year annual dental checkups can definitely help with longterm health and stability of the teeth. Also, it allows for preventative measures like sealants, dental sealants that can be placed on permanent teeth to help prevent decay as well.

Tip number three is something we do correlate with school, is eating a balanced diet. Eating the healthy food, limiting the intake of sugar, are absolutely essential to maintaining good oral health. For instance, in order for a cavity to form, bacteria in our mouth must have tooth structure available, which we have that obviously, a source of sugar or carbohydrate present. If we take away the sugar, the bacteria can't metabolize that sugar, produce the acid that chews away our tooth enamel.

That's the process, the microscopic process that happens when we eat sugar, is that the bacteria takes that sugar as food, they digest it, the byproduct is an acid, and that acid is what forms the hole in our tooth enamel. I know it's completely unrealistic, I have kids as well to suggest that kids never ever eat candy or drink juice. It happens.

My kids have candy and my kids drink juice but small changes like giving your kids juice with meals instead of allowing them to have a cup of juice that they sip all day or a juice box they just sip all day throughout the day, can let them have those sorts of things without causing a large detriment to their teeth because it's about contact time.

If a kid's going to have juice, I'd rather them drink it with a meal and be done because that juice is only contacting their teeth for the 20, 30 minutes that they're eating. If you allow them to have a juice box that they sip on all day long over the course of two or three hours, then their teeth are subjected to that lower pH juice and that sugar is bathing the teeth over the course of hours instead of minutes.

Really, those are the big things that going back to school I just want to refresh everyone's memory, really just make sure our kids are creating an oral hygiene routine. Sometimes we get out of those routines in the summer. Back to school is a great time to reestablish those routines if we have.

They have a routine dental checkup twice a year, back to school is a great time to remember, "Hey, got to get the kid's teeth checked right before we head back to school." Eating a balanced diet as we're packing those lunches or checking the menu for the day at school, just make sure we're having a balanced diet, low sugar content, don't take away all the sugar, and we'll get our kids successful back to school so the teeth aren't causing a barrier to our education.

All right guys, short and sweet today. I really just wanted to give you a recap of the summer, say welcome back. I'm super glad to be back and next month we're going to have a full slate of topics to talk to you with. Welcome the kids back to school and hopefully everyone's off to a great start.

Thanks a lot. I will talk to you next month. If you have questions in the meantime that you'd like answered, please reach out via email. You can send an email to info@northorangefamilydentistry.com. Love to answer your questions via podcast. If you are in the area and looking for a dentist, like to check out our dental home, feel free to call the office at (740) 548-1800 or you can visit us online at northorangefamilydentistry.com. Thanks and we'll talk to you next month.

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