Family Wellness Plan

Making Family Dental Care More Affordable

Studies say that only 1 out of 3 people see their dentist twice a year as recommended by the American Dental Association. Because over 40% of Americans do not have dental insurance, the number one reason for not visiting the dentist every six months is cost.

40% of Americans do not have dental insurance.

Without insurance, regular dental care typically exceeds $400 per year. We’ve created a Family Wellness Plan that makes it affordable for those without dental insurance to visit the dentist regularly.

The North Orange Family Wellness Plan includes:

Two Oral Health Examiniations per year.

One set of recommended X-rays per year.

ONE basic cleaning every six months.

Two Periodontal Screenings per year (for adults).

ONE Fluoride Treatment per year.

Two Oral Cancer Screenings (for adults).

Please note: North Orange’s Family Wellness Plan is not dental insurance.

Plan Members also receive a 25% discount

on any additional dental treatments including:






Clear Correct



Teeth Whitening



And many more…

Annual Family Wellness Plan Cost

Individual Membership
Child Membership
Periodontal Maintenance Membership

Save with Family Discounts!

5% off with 2 family members, 10% off with 3 family members, 15% off with 4 or more family members

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