North Orange Family Dentistry Scholarship, Dental Implants, and a New Office Update



This week we sit down with the President of the Delaware County Foundation, Marlene Casini, to discuss the various scholarships and grant programs available in Delaware County - including the North Orange Family Dentistry Scholarship.  In addition, we talk all things dental implants, give you an update on our new office coming this Spring, and play our favorite game, "Fact or Fiction."


A smile says it all. If your teeth could talk, what would they say? Find out today on Talkin Teeth with Dr. Kyle Bogan.

I'm excited to welcome you to episode two of Talkin Teeth. My name is Dr. Kyle Bogan of North Orange Family dentistry and I couldn't be more excited to get started with this week's episode.

Modern dentistry is moving at the speed of light. It's always been my passion to make the experience of going to the dentist easy and painless. I continue to accomplish this through digital dentistry and we're going to be opening the most state of the art dental office in Central Ohio this Spring, right around May 1st, and we're doing this to serve our amazing patients even better. So stick around to hear more about the progress of our new office. We're also going to dive deep into the topic of dental implants and give you all the information you ever wanted to know about that.

But most importantly we're going to start and we're going to speak about the North Orange Family Dentistry scholarship and other scholarships available to students in our community.

Check this out.

Just about three years ago, I established the North Orange Family Dentistry scholarship through the Delaware County Foundation. So what the North Orange Family Dentistry scholarship is, it is a $1,000 scholarship that's granted yearly to a graduating senior from any high school that's in Delaware County. And the only stipulation is they have to be going into a healthcare related field. Obviously that includes dentistry. It can also include nursing, becoming a physician or any other medically related field. And so that application process just opened at the beginning of January and applications will be due in March.

From there, we will go through all the applications and select a winner. This will be our third year picking a winner and we're always excited to hear what the students have planned as they start their college career and we always love to hear back the successes and the activities and various things that they have going on.

To give you some more information about not only the North Orange Family Dentistry scholarship, but also the many other scholarships that are available through the Delaware County Foundation, I recently had a chance to sit down with the president of the foundation and she told us so much about what's going on at the foundation, their other programs, but most importantly, the scholarships that are available to students in our community.

All right. We're here at the Delaware County Foundation with the President and CEO, Marlene Casini. I know we do the North Orange family dentistry scholarship through the foundation. So I thought what better way than to sit down with Marlene and kind of talk about what the foundation is, what their goals are and kind of the role they play in the community. So, Marlene could you just tell us about the foundation as a whole.

Great. Thank you. And thank you for letting me join you Dr. Bogan.

Yeah, absolutely.

I appreciate that. Delaware County Foundation is what is called a community foundation. So our goal is to grow the communities endowment. So that means money that's available now and in the future to help the community. And we do that by having donors who create charitable funds with us and by having nonprofit organizations and scholarship recipients who do the great work in the community.

Perfect. And so I know throughout the podcast I've given information about our scholarship. Can you tell me how many scholarships that the foundation oversees and administers every year?

Sure. We have more than 35 different scholarship funds, but we will grant out about 200 scholarships every year. And we have scholarships for both students who are graduating high school seniors in Delaware County and students who will be sophomores, juniors and seniors in college. So that's a really good advantage for those students who live in Delaware County.

And are some of those scholarships renewable year over year? Are they multiyear scholarships or most of them single year scholarships, how does that work?

Most of them are single year, but we have a number of them that renew. And the one that's for the college, sophomores, juniors and seniors, normally students will reapply each year and there's about an 80% to 90% retention rate that we're able to do with that.

Wow, that's amazing. Especially with the increasing costs of colleges these days.

Yes. Our scholarships range anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

And then as far as ... I know, our North Orange Family dentistry scholarship, we grant it to a graduating senior that's entering the health professions field, whether that's dentistry, nursing or becoming a physician. Are there varying scholarships for different majors, different interests levels? They kind of run the gamut or are they kind of concentrated in certain areas for the other scholarships?

Good question. We have a variety of scholarships. We even have a couple of scholarships for non-four year degree students. So students are either getting an associate's degree or doing some vocational education and we have one scholarship that is for anyone in the country who's doing a vocational ed or continuing ad in a non-four year degree. But majority of ours are four year degrees and they're everything from those who've concentrated in agriculture, those who concentrate in business or for a specific high school or area. For example, one as broad as just liberty township.

Oh, Wow. Okay. Perfect. I know this year scholarship applications are available, I think they came out in January.

Yes, they're online and they're at delawarecf.org and there's a section for scholarships. And if you go to that section you can click on and read each one. All the applications are online.

Perfect. And then when is the application deadline?

Deadline is March 4th.

And then I know our scholarship we give out at the whatever high school the student who wins the scholarship or earns the scholarship attends we go to their award night. Are all the other scholarships awarded similarly or they have different times and places?

It depends on the school district.


Some do separate ones and I think [inaudible 00:06:11] is looking at doing a consolidated one this year with all three high schools.

I searched out trying to find where ... How to do this basically and was lucky enough to come up on Marlene in the Delaware County Foundation. Because when I was a student beginning of my journey through the healthcare profession and education, I was helped so much by community and county foundation type scholarships to pay for that education. And so that was kind of my way to pay it forward. And so what kind of impact did these scholarships have on the community as a whole? I mean it's a lot ... generous donors and people that set up these funds really give a lot of money to the Delaware County and the students and people in the county. So what kind of impact do you see that playing out is as you'd been giving these?

The best thing we receive are the thank you notes from the students. And they will say how they've done in school this year or last year and not just how much they appreciate the scholarship, but what it has enabled them to do in college, not having to worry about the financial burden. So they can take on another community activity or they can take on another class. And some graduate early as a result. So they're going from four or five years down to three or four years.

That's amazing.

That's a great advantage and for the community, but particularly for the families. Because the other thing we see are siblings. So we have multiple students from the same family receiving grants or receiving scholarships.

Yes, I know. And every year the people who have gotten our scholarship always send us a little card and we keep those hanging up in the lobby because it is. It's just neat to hear ... know we hear about their plans through the application process and they do those, the essays and tell us what they're going to do and the impact they see that the scholarship would do on their life. And it's rewarding to see that and that it actually plays out. It's really one of the things I look forward to.

Well, if I might ask, what excited you about creating a scholarship at the Delaware County Foundation?

The thing that really excited me is as a healthcare professional in the county, I don't just work here, I live here, I pour myself into the community and I really wanted to find a way to give back and I really love education. My family is full of educators. My wife was a teacher and I know what those costs look like and when I became a dentist or when I went to college as a chemistry major, going to be a dentist, I was a recipient of some of those scholarships that really helped ease the burden of finances and let me focus on the studies.

And so I was finding a way to do that some way in our community and I was just lucky enough to find you guys.

Well, we're lucky enough to find you too.

Yeah, absolutely. So I actually didn't know ... I knew there were grant programs and I just happened to come across this on the website and it's a program called women giving together and it really intrigued me. Can you just tell me some more about that?

Women giving together is another fund at the foundation and it's called a donor [inaudible 00:09:11] fund, but it's basically a giving circle. So let's where multiple people give to one fund and then as a group, what this particular group does is make grants back to the community as a result. So there are about 30 members and there are women from all throughout Delaware County. It's very timely because we just announced yesterday their grant process for this year.

Oh, wow. Okay.

And it's everything from helping those who are underemployed to helping families. It's basically helping those who are already employed but maybe need that little extra hand up, not hand out. And also for addiction, helping those with addiction. So those grants also range anywhere from a $1,000 to $5,000 and sometimes up to $10,000.

That's amazing. And I spoke on my last podcast and on News Radio, What Matters with Mindy and Mikaela Show about dentistry and medicine's role in this whole addiction thing that we see happening. And so it's really amazing that you guys have a grant fund that can help people that are kind of in that process.

At any non-profit that serves Delaware County is eligible to apply. So their headquarters doesn't have to be in Delaware county. But if they are serving our audience, they're eligible to apply. And the application is online. It's at delawarecf.org and there's a separate tab for women giving together.

Perfect. Yeah, that's amazing. So one last thing I want to talk about because obviously I found you guys and did this. What if people want to either give to the foundation, they want to support an existing fund or if they want to create a fund of their own, either through a monetary donation or part of a will or something like that. What can they do?

Well, and there are so many ways people can give to the foundation. And I say give through the foundation. We've had recently a couple gifts of property.

Oh Wow.

That we've been able to sell very fortunately. We got a great economy here in Central Ohio. And then we created a donor advise fund with that money, which means then the charitable fund lives here at the foundation, but donors can recommend where to make grants out of that fund.

Oh, wow. Okay.

The other thing that happens is donors will ask us what are the needs in Delaware County. So as non-profits continued to apply for grants from us, whether it's through women given together or our community grant process, which is an even larger one. We take that information and we share it with our donors. So then the donors know, "Oh, here is the need in Delaware County." They've been very supportive of that and I think they very much want to be educated on how they can help and how they can make that impact.

Yeah. That's it. And I would recommend personally anybody out there that kind of ... This whole talk in and talking about giving back to the community through scholarships or grants or really stir something inside you. It's a super easy process and you guys do a great job of making it very easy. The application process, the review process. Then as far as picking the scholarship winner. So I would definitely highly recommend anybody out there that is looking to get back to Delaware County. This is the perfect place to do that.

Well, and you can always give me a call if there's any question about can this be a charitable gift?


And the number here is 6147642332. And you'd be surprised in my career I've had gifts of jewelry. We get a lot of stock gifts at the end of the year.

Okay, yeah.

And we've also, of course cash is [inaudible 00:12:54].

Yeah. That's right. It doesn't have to be cold hard cash, but ...

That's easy.

That's right. Well, I certainly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me today. Please give the foundation to call with any questions and I'm looking forward to this year's scholarship season.

Great. So are we.


Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

Now. I want to talk a little bit about our new office project that'll be opening this spring. So we're going to be moving from our current location at 7420 Gooding Boulevard down the street a little bit to the corner of Corduroy Road and Gooding Boulevard. And our new address will be 7325 Gooding Boulevard. The new office is on schedule for a targeted opening date of May 1st. And we're very excited that we're going to have a bigger space with more operatories, more staff, and more late night evening weekend type appointment availability for our patients.

We know that you're busy, we do our best to accommodate everyone's busy schedule and the new office, for one is going to allow us more opportunities to provide the dental care that you need in the time slots that you need it. So we're super excited about that. There'll be more availability, less wait time. And the most important thing to me is the new technology that we're going to have in the new space. So we are all about digital dentistry and that's using technology in a meaningful way to make your appointments faster, more predictable, better outcomes, better quality, basically giving you the best care through the use of technology. So our new office will allow us to take that technology in a bigger way to make a bigger impact on our patients.

Just for a minute I want to of walk with you through the new space and kind of give you an idea of where we are right now in construction. And so we are just about ready to start interior dry walling and that's a really exciting time because at that point we'll be able to see the office to life and be able to see what is going to look like in the end. So if you walk in the front door right now, you would see studs up. They are working on electrical wiring, they're working on plumbing, they're working on all of the intricacies and everything that goes inside the walls at this point. Starting next week we'll start seeing drywall go up and we'll start painting and all of that fun stuff. And really the office will start to take even more shape.

The outside of the building, if you've driven by recently, you can see that the siting is almost complete the front part of the building, they will start installing that material within the next week or two. And so really the outside of the building is taking shape and it's really shaping up to be quite a beautiful modern looking building.

As we get closer to opening. I look forward to talking in detail about every aspect of the new building and how that will impact both the patient experience in the office and how we aim to change the perception of dentistry and to make it a fun experience for everyone, for kids and adults alike and how the technology that we use will impact the quality of the care that you receive and how we're going to be doing dentistry like no one else in the area. So I really look forward to continuing that conversation as construction continues. We'll be able to put up on the podcast website some photographs and some diagrams that will really go more in depth into everything that's going into the new space.

Look for that coming in future episodes. I'll Try to do that once a month and we'll kind of updates you on where we are. Hopefully everything stays on schedule. Obviously at some point we'll open our doors to the community for an open house and we'll have details on that. It's an exciting time for North Orange Family Dentistry. It's an exciting time for me seeing my vision for oral health come alive in our community. And then I feel like it's an exciting time for our community with everything that we'll have to offer. So stay tuned for that. And we'll give you more details to come.

And now.

Now, it's time for the topic of the day, dental implants. So I'm sure you've got a lot of questions about dental implants. What are they? What are the benefits of getting a dental implant? Are they right for me? Are there other options out there besides dental implants? We know that these issues can be confusing and overwhelming. So at my office, North Orange Family Dentistry, we want to empower you to make an informed and confident decision about your oral health. And so I really want to take a step back, kind of talk about what dental implants are, the other opportunities or other treatment options and then help you make a decision if dental implants could be right for you.

First and foremost, dental implants are a placement for a missing tooth. The actual implant part and it's two parts. There's the actual dental implant piece that goes down in the bone. It's a surgical procedure. That piece actually represents a replaces the root of a tooth, and then there's a crown part that goes on top of that. It basically screws into that implant that replaces the crown of your tooth or the part of your tooth that you see in your mouth. So it's really a two part procedure to replace a tooth. The best thing about dental implants is they never get a cavity because it's all metal on titanium.

They are an alternative to either a partial denture or a fixed bridge or a fixed partial denture. They're called different things. Those are kind of the two alternative methods to replace a missing tooth. You can either have a removable partial denture, which is something that comes in and out of your mouth. Or you can have a fixed partial denture or what we call a bridge, which actually cements into your mouth and it has kind of a fake tooth on it.

And these replacement teeth, whether you're looking at a removable partial denture, a bridge or an implant, the porcelain or the materials that I use to construct those, all of those can be shaded to match the size and the shape of your teeth. So if we exclude the two alternative methods a bridge, and a removable partial denture, and we just talk about dental implants, what are the benefits?

And so one of the things is really an oral health boost. And so unlike a bridge where we have to ... In a British situation you're missing a tooth. And so what we have to do is prepare the two teeth beside the space for crowns, which isn't that big of a deal if the two teeth beside the space already have cavities, they have large fillings or it would benefit from that structural reinforcement of the porcelain that we're replacing.

The downside is if you have two teeth that are perfectly healthy than we're having to go in and remove tooth structure that's otherwise healthy to give us the ability to put a replacement tooth there with a bridge. And so with a dental implant, there's no need to touch the teeth that are adjacent to the space that you are missing. We can leave those teeth alone. We just concentrate on this space that's missing. The implant's placed and the other teeth get to remain as they are. Dental implants function just like normal teeth. And so you brush and floss them just like, you would a natural tooth.

Dental implants also match the appearance and feel of your natural teeth. So they're virtually unnoticeable. And they are a permanent part of your smile. So unlike a removable partial denture that comes in and out and you have to take it out to clean it, a dental implant and the associated crown or permanent in your mouth. It doesn't come in and out and you just brush and floss like normal.

Eating is pretty easy with a dental implant. Again, dentures and partials can kind of move and shift when you eat. Some have some fit issues. Either a bridge or a dental implant, but specifically dental implant, you just eat normally and there's no issue. And finally they're extremely durable. They last a lifetime with proper care. The success rate of dental implants, it's in the 90%, as long as there aren't any other associated health issues. There are a few things and we can talk about that in just a second as far as our dental implants right for me. But there are a few things that can decrease the success rate of dental implants. But all in all, as far as cavities go, they're not subject to cavities, but they are subject to bone loss and other sorts of things like that can cause them to fail.

Let's talk about that. Are Dental implants right for me? So there are several important factors to consider when you're kind of deciding if dental implants are right for you. According the American Dental Association, obviously, and according to me to the best thing to do to find out if you're a good implant candidate this to discuss it with your dentist first. If you're in good general health, it's definitely an option. Your health is more of a factor as we have more chronic health conditions. Having diabetes can sometimes affect the success rate of dental implants. Using a smoking, using tobacco products can sometimes affect the success of dental implants.

There are various systemic health type conditions that we factor into our discussion when we talk about do we want to do a dental implant, do we want to take a more a traditional road of doing a bridge or a partial denture or a complete denture. So it's definitely lots of things to consider and that's why a conversation with your healthcare provider, your dentist is definitely in order before you make the decision.

If you are considering dental implants and you want more information about it, please don't hesitate to give my office a call. The number is 7405481800. If you currently have a dentist, please call their office and let them kind of walk you through that process and have that discussion with you. But definitely if you're missing a tooth, you're really been wanting to replacement and you're wanting something that's permanent, that can last a lifetime, that functions like a natural tooth, and really you can just kind of forget that it's there, dental implants definitely could be for you.

Fact or Fiction.

This is one of my favorite segments, Fact or Fiction. So what I like to do from time to time, whether it's once an episode, once every other episode is really discuss a topic that I hear come up in the office quite a bit where there are some mixed opinions out there. And so really the question today is that if a baby tooth gets a cavity, does it really need to be fixed? And the answer is yes. And so I guess it's, if we're going fact or fiction, it's fiction that we don't have to treat carious lesions in baby teeth or cavities in baby teeth.

What's really important to understand is that the purpose of the baby teeth ... Obviously the baby teeth are there to allow our kids to chew and eat and function and talk and everything that our adult teeth allow us to do. But one of the main things that we need to remember is that underneath those primary teeth or underneath those baby teeth are developing adult teeth.

And so at one common misconception is, if we have a baby tooth that has a cavity, why don't we just leave it there? And if it gets big, just take the tooth out because it's going to have a replacement. Or if it has a cavity, just take the tooth out anyways. What we need to remember is that one of the primary purposes of primary teeth is to hold the space for the developing adult tooth underneath. And so if we lose primary teeth prematurely, then that can cause issues of eruption of the permanent teeth underneath. And so not only do we want to treat the cavities in baby teeth to prevent, the cavity from getting bigger, from causing issues with the pulp of the tooth or the nerve of the tooth, which can lead to infection and swelling and pain and all of those issues, we obviously want to prevent that.

But we really want to retain those baby teeth as long as we can until they're ready to exfoliate naturally or to be lost naturally. Because really one of their primary purposes is to retain the space for the permanent teeth underneath to erupt naturally. So, like I said a minute ago, if we do lose them early, what we can find is a collapsing of the space around where the permanent adult tooth are supposed to erupt, which can lead to eruption problems. It can lead to increased problems that require early intervention with orthodontics and things of that nature. So we really, really, really want to keep an eye on those primary teeth. Treat the cavities when they're there, when we need them.

At our office we have all kinds of methods for our pediatric patients to make them feel comfortable and so the process of treating a cavity is very straightforward and easy and we make it fun and prizes and games and that sort of thing. But definitely something that, that we want to treat.

All right, well that wraps up episode two of Talkin Teeth. I want to thank you all for joining me today. I really look forward every other week to sharing dentistry and sharing community activities and trying to get the word out there about our great community and about oral health in general. As always, if you have any questions that you'd like to hear me answer during the podcast, you can send them to info and that's I-N-F-O@northorangefamilydentistry.com. If you happen to be looking a dental home, we would love to welcome you into our dental home. You could give our office a call at 7405481800, or you can schedule an appointment online at northorangefamilydentistry.com.

Be sure to tune in, in two weeks and we're going to talk about can your skipping your cleaning be hazardous to your health? So look forward to seeing you all then, or I guess talking to you all then. Until then, see you later.

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