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Five reasons to switch to an electric toothbrush

While it is not a supplement for yearly cleanings, it is a valuable asset for reducing the need for expensive dental care due to the limitations of a regular brush.

Five reasons to switch to an electric toothbrush
Five reasons to switch to an electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush has extended beyond a high-end trend to an affordable tool in the oral care toolbox. While it is not a supplement for yearly cleanings, it is a valuable asset for reducing the need for expensive dental care due to the limitations of a regular brush. However, it is understandable that some are hesitant to spend money on an electric brush. Let me share five reasons switching to an electric brush is worth the cost.  

  1. It cleans what you cannot

One of the primary reasons people are reluctant to switch to an electric toothbrush is due to overconfidence in their oral care ability. The reality is even the best nonelectric toothbrush cannot provide the professional clean an electric brush can provide. Additionally, it reaches areas in the mouth that regular brushing cannot, and it does it at a fraction of the effort it takes brushing with a regular brush.  This is especially true of electric toothbrushes for kids as they do not develop the manual dexterity to truly brush well on their own until the age of 7-8.

  1. The cost is not dramatically different from a regular brush

Money is a large factor in not switching to an electric brush. When you compare an electric toothbrush with a high-end regular toothbrush, you will absolutely conclude that there is a dramatic difference in cost. However, when you end up in that same toothbrush aisle once a month (if not more), to replace your regular toothbrush, you will notice that the familiar electric brush was not as expensive as you once thought. The reality is that affordable electric toothbrushes are everywhere and replacement heads for brushes no longer must break the bank. Also, due to the reduced pressure required to break up food and plaque buildup on teeth due to the electric vibration, electric toothbrush heads last longer, making replacement far more limited than a regular brush.

  1. Reduction of tooth decay

Prevention of tooth decay is extraordinarily important for reducing dentist visits and the costs associated with oral disease. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice daily for two minutes to attain optimal oral health.  Most electric brushes have a timer to ensure that users brush for the full two minutes.  Which is a huge help when the average person only brushes for 30 seconds.  Simply brushing properly reduces the threat of cavities, and the use of an electric toothbrush allows you to remove cavity causing plaque most efficiently and completely at home.  

The benefits of using an electric toothbrush extend beyond short term improvements. Tooth decay may not be on the immediate minds of every consumer but considering our earlier point on the value of the investment, purchasing an electric toothbrush will provide long-term benefits in reducing tooth decay. Reducing tooth decay limits the number of issues users will have later in life and, simply put, keeps more teeth in the mouth of those that use electric toothbrushes.  

  1. Improved gum health

Electric toothbrushes improve gum health as well. Using an electric toothbrush helps not only reach tough areas around the gums but helps care for the gums as well without severe irritation.

  1. Different brushing modes

Many electric toothbrush models on the market today have multiple brushing modes to ensure a complete and comfortable clean for everyone.  Examples of these modes are normal clean mode, sensitive mode, whitening mode, extra clean mode, etc.  The bottom line is that everyone can find what they are looking for in an electric toothbrush.

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