Halloween Candy: A Dentist’s Worst Nightmare

What are scarier than ghosts and ghouls? Cavities, of course! Halloween is a spooky time of year for everyone, but what really keeps dentists up at night is the thought of kids eating all of that crunchy, sticky, gooey candy.

Thankfully, dentists know the best defenses for fighting those scary sugar monsters. Of course, even dentists love candy, and we would never say to rule out candy altogether, but we do have some recommendations when it comes to candy intake. Read on, if you dare, and learn how to defeat the bacteria that lurk in your mouth!

Tips for a Fang-tastic Halloween

Beware of Candies That Stick

More than anything, the longer that sugar stays on your teeth, the better the chances of tooth decay. Candy such as gummy bears, taffy, and caramel will haunt your mouth!

Things That Go Crunch in the Night

Chewing extra hard or crunchy candies like jawbreakers pose a risk of cracking, chipping, or yanking out teeth. It’s best to eat softer candy.

Choosy Mummies Choose Chocolate

You might be shocked to hear it, but if you’re going to eat candy, most dentists recommend chocolate. It dissolves quickly in the mouth, which means sugar spends less time in contact with your pearly whites. Darker chocolate is better because it has less sugar.

Have Your Little Monsters Munch with Meals

The best time for kids to eat candy is during or right after a meal. Saliva production in the mouth increases, which helps rinse away food particles.

SendIng Sugar to a Watery Grave

Bring bottled water along with you when you Trick-Or-Treat. Drinking water between bites of candy is a good way to wash away sugar.

Brushing Off the Cobwebs

This one is pretty obvious, but be sure that your kiddos brush and floss on Halloween night! It’s especially important because of the increased sugar consumption!


As our mummies would say, that’s a wrap! Hopefully we’ve helped make Halloween a little less scary. These simple tips should help you and your children stay smiling. Happy Halloween from North Orange Family Dentistry!

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