Digital Smile Design - Preview Your New Smile

Have you ever considered a smile make-over?  Are you concerned about how your teeth will look in the end?  Do you dread having to wear temporary restorations that can break and be uncomfortable?  North Orange Family Dentistry has the answer for you!  

Dr. Bogan uses digital smile design to give you a preview of exactly what your smile will look like following the smile make-over procedure.  By simply taking a few photographs of your smile and teeth our technology can show you what your new smile can be.  Some offices simply put a “copy” of someone else’s smile over top of your teeth and show you a result that they are unable to attain.  At North Orange Family Dentistry, we use your teeth as the digital footprint to start our digital smile make-over.  The end visual result is one that Dr. Bogan can predictably achieve every time.  By seeing what your smile will look like when complete, you can be sure that you will LOVE the results before we even begin!


Not only can Dr. Bogan show you your final smile before we start, we can also get you from start to finish in one appointment.  With our state-of-the-art technology and visiting lab technician, gone are the days of uncomfortable temporaries that are impossible to eat with.  We know your time is valuable, and we want to make every procedure as comfortable as possible.  To this end, we utilize our technology and bring in a dental laboratory technician to make your perfect smile a reality in one day.  When you walk out of our office on treatment day, you will be able to eat, talk and smile normally with your final restorations!  Let us make your dream smile a reality today!


Dr. Kyle Bogan at North Orange Family Dentistry continues to bring the latest in digital technology to our wonderful Lewis Center community.  Make an appointment today to experience the most Advanced Family Care in the Columbus area right here in Lewis Center.  Visit us at or call us at 740-548-1800.​​

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